The iPad Air 3 is Allegedly Delayed Until 2016 to Allow Manufacturers to Focus on the iPad Pro

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 16, 2015.

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    We’ve seen plenty of rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but we didn't hear too many details regarding the next-generation iPad Air.

    Now a fresh report coming from Macotakara is actually claiming that the iPad Air 3 will delayed until next year in order for Apple’s manufacturers to focus their efforts on producing the iPad Pro. The publication cites Liaoxian Li, an investment advisor at Fubon Hardware, who says that the iPad Air 3 will arrive in 2016, and that Apple will unveil the iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro this fall.

    Furthermore, it seems that this will be the last iPad mini that Apple will launch, so that the company can focus its efforts on the two larger-size iPads in future. Of course, this is yet another rumor, so we need it to take it with a grain of salt, as it's less likely for Apple delay the iPad Air from its usual release date, which has proved to be very lucrative so far.

    However, where this report could be right is on future iPad Mini being nixed. Apple has been enjoying huge success with the larger-size iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but this also means that sales for the 7.9-inch iPad mini are being cannibalized by the iPhones.

    What's your take on this report? Is Apple going to keep the iPad Mini or it's going to kill it to avoid further lack of differentiation? Leave your comments below.

    Source: Macotakara
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    They are fools to kill iPad Mini!:confused: I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 . 10.1" never used it. Too large and bulky. With retina a screen in ipad mini 2, it is amazing experience. Screen is beautiful and size is easy to handle. I don't want to carry around a big iphone in my purse! Cell phones started out big as a brick! Idea was to downsize! Now they are growing back to large? If I want a large screen, I have a fabulous laptop with a real keyboard and hard drive! If they kill ipad mini and keep growing ipad tablet...I can go back to small, cheap tracfone and HP laptop with a real keyboard! Goodbye Apple! I use iphone 5s 32 gb. Just right size when I am away from home!
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    Don't get over exited. This is just a rumor.

    The rumors this far out are rarely accurate. They generally start edging towards the truth when actual parts get leaked, and mostly get it right no more than a few days before the actual launch event
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