The British Government is Considering a Proposal to Give iPads to Prison Inmates

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    According to a fresh report coming from The Telegraph, prison inmates could be given iPads under a new plan meant to improve rehabilitation.

    Sir Martin Narey, former head of the prison service and a Ministry of Justice adviser, said that prisoners could use tablets for educational purposes and stay in touch with their children or other relatives. He said the following:

    “Prisoners spend a lot of time in cells, and we need to make that time more constructive. They should be meeting a tutor once a week, but doing work on literacy and numeracy on their own. We could look at giving prisoners iPads to work on in their cells.”

    He further added:

    "When I joined the prison service in 1982 people were terrified of allowing prisoners to have FM radios.
    They worried about having telephones on wings, but prisoners should be Skyping or Facetiming their children. We should use technology for education and to maintain family times."

    What do you think about this proposal? Do you think inmates should be given an iPad or perhaps a lower-specced tablet? Leave your comment below and let us know.

    Source: The Telegraph
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    So, if I walk into an Apple store waving a gun around shouting at the poor geniuses cowering behind their counter "gimme your latest iPad or I'll shoot ya dead", then get nabbed on the way out clutching my ill-gotten iPad Pro, I'll end up using a free iPad anyway?
    Nah! Give 'em Surface Pros I say:)

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