The Boston Globe uses vacation funds to purchase iPads for schools

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    Many newspapers around the country choose to make a contribution to public schools by redirecting users that go on vacation to an educational fund where they donate the proceeds of their subscription. These funds later translate into newspapers and digital subscription being awarded to student libraries. However, the Boston Globe magazine is preparing to take things a little further.

    This time, the publication is going to tap into the resource and use $65,000 of the money in order to acquire 75 iPads and projectors that in turn will be donated to Boston Public Schools (50 of them) and the Stoneham High School (the remaining 25).

    Globe executive Robert Saurer commented the publications’ decision:

    “We believe that digital kids turn into digital adults, to put it simply. We want to provide easy, portable access not only to our content, but to the greater world of content on the Web — deployed in the classroom daily, streamed live, as the kids are learning."

    The Globe will further monitor the implementation of the projectors and of the iPads, in order to assess if the devices are a good addition to the school’s educational resources. If proven useful, the publication is going to continue with the program.

    Educational programs like these based on vacation subscriptions have been deployed around the country by several other newspapers/magazines but the Globe is the first one to actually purchase physical objects for the schools.

    "In the past, we have had to rely on the limited number of desktops or laptops available in schools," Saurer explained. "Computers are often not available for social sciences classes or for other work where students would benefit by being able to do their own online research."

    Source: AppleInsider

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    Nice. Glad to see that greed still doesn't affect everyone.

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