The Amazon MP3 store is now optimized for iPad and iPhone

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    Last week, Amazon has announced the launch of its new MP3 store, which has been optimized for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Music lovers will be thrilled to find out that for the first time in history, they too have access to the massive Amazon library. From now on, iOS owners can discover and purchase music by browsing through the massive Amazon catalog, right there in their Safari browser.

    Customers will also be able to enjoy well known Amazon features like personalized recommendations, best-seller lists and customer ratings. Whatever users decide to purchase will automatically be saved in their personal Cloud Player library. The music can then be played from just any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or any web browser for that matter. Bottom line, you will be able to enjoy your music no matter where you are and what devices are at your disposal.

    The iPhone and iPod touch store is build on HTML5, which means that customers are able to order music directly from the website on their iOS mobile devices. Music lovers can choose between a selection of 22 million songs and over two million complete albums. Every day, the shop will present new deals. For example, shoppers might have access to albums which cost only $5 or songs for only $0.69. From time to time even free deals might be offered.

    However, Amazon launched a web app and not a native iOS app, trying to avoid renouncing 30% of the profit to Cupertino.

    Source: TUAW

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    Nice sometimes I buy mp3's from Amazon so this is perfect for those who shop there.

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