Thanks to Jailbreaking I now never need to plug my ipad into a PC...:)

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by contradict, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Oct 4, 2012
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    It's taken a little while to find all the little bits I need but I can finally say I have set up my Ipad to do nearly everything i can on my laptop....

    ISabnzbd+iSickbeard+MyNZB and Qouch
    work together to download my favourite TV Shows into their respective folders to be added to the library in XBMC with no user intervention whatsoever. I use MyNZB and Qouch for ad hoc downloads and movies etc. and also to manage my downloads on my main server.

    This same setup puts my magazine/books pdf downloads automatically into the kindle library using rss feeds.

    Also Music downloads are automatically added to ITunes using PWNTunes - means there is no reason to sync to pc or mess about in ifile.

    THe download Manager in Chrome and Safari further negate the need to download on PC as there are no files I cannot download on IPAD.

    Easybooks mean i can run my finances for my business.

    Pages and Numbers take care of any admin tasks i need to undertake for my business with the calendar doing all i need it to and possibly more.

    Emulators (Very Important:)) - Snes, N64, PSX, Spectrum, Megadrive cover all my gaming needs and integrate perfectly with TV and Wii controller...The ultimate portable console.

    Now I just need to find an email app that suits my needs and I will be happy...

    VNC covers dial in to the PC when i need it...but that never actually happens.

    Are there any other handy tricks that can avoid using a PC?.....The icing on the cake would be Indesign on the IPAD...but thats just a

    I find it ridiculous that the ipad would be so locked down it stinks that i have to jailbreak it to get the best out of it...
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    May 19, 2012
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    I suggest the camera connection kit with iFile (from cydia). It will allow you to read and write to a USB key!

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