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    [TABLE="class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center"]
    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #FAFAFA"]Bought an Otterbox Defender for my iPad 2 and really have enjoyed it. The other day I was with some friends at a warehouse and was not allowed to have the iPad in the building. We were in a pickup and there was no place to "hide" it while we were gone. So smart person that I am [​IMG] I put it under the floor mat on the passenger side where I was sitting, knowing I WOULD remember that it was there and not step on it when I got in.[​IMG]

    Well 3 hours later when I came out, I forgot [​IMG]that it was there, stepped into my seat, put one foot on the floor mat to get in, grabbed the handle, high 4x4 truck put all my weight (227lbs) on my foot and got in. Then remembered the iPad under my feet.

    Thinking, well how much is this going to cost, took it out slowly looked at it and not a mark. [​IMG] was so happy I had that case.

    I know this is a dumb story, but things like this can make you glad about a purchase.

    P.S. No I do not work for Otterbox, just a happy customer

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