Ten Devices Set to rival the iPad 2

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By iDan on Jun 28, 2011 at 5:05 PM
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    While the iPad has had the benefit of a surprise attack, its successor will not be so lucky. Many manufacturers, some from the Android battlefront, others sporting original “home-made†operating systems have worked hard and prepared their reply to the new iPad 2.

    HP TouchPad
    Scheduled to reach stores on July 1, Hewlett Packard’s creation incorporates many interesting features, including the ability to connect an HP smartphone for data transfer purposes through a simple physical touch between the two devices. This and the improved webOS as well as full multitasking support make the TouchPad a powerful contender.

    RIM BlackBerry PlayBook
    While it will never match the iPad 2’s technical abilities, the Research In Motion tablet is a great alternative to Apple’s design for enterprise users, being perfectly compatible with BlackBerry smartphones.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Currently considered the best Android tablet on the market, it is clear why this device will strongly compete with the iPad 2. It’s 10.1 inch display will certainly attract consumers who want to enjoy games and other such forms of entertainment.

    Apple MacBook Air
    While some would say that comparing two different device types makes no sense, MacBook Air’s lightweight and thing profile, as well as the soon implementation of Max OS X Lion, which will bring multitouch gestures to the platform ensure that the iPad 2 will not be the only Apple product presenting sleek hand-on functionality.

    Sony S1
    The tablet will come with a 9.4 inch display and Android operating system. While it will certainly not beat the iPad 2, Sony’s implementation of Qriocity as well as the PlayStation Suite, a platform allowing users to enjoy old PS 1 games on the tablet, the S1 will most likely grab its fair share of the market.

    Sony S2
    A stronger creation from the manufacturing company, the S2 will come with two 5.5†displays that can be used either individually or together, creating unique possibilities in the tablet market. Moreover, to sustain this feature, the tablet will sport a clamshell design, enabling consumers to fold the device in order to increase its mobility. This tablet, perhaps even more so than the S1, will indeed prove to be a threat.

    Apple iPhone 4
    Again, like the MacBook Air, this will prove to compete with the iPad due to similarities in functions and design. Moreover, unlike the iPad 2, the iPhone 4 can also make calls.

    HP Pavilion dm3t Laptop
    While the tablet tries to incorporate as many work-related features, ultimately if users want to have increased productivity as well as speed, the Pavilion dm3t, around the same price as an iPad 2, will certainly appease them.

    Toshiba Thrive
    Perhaps not the best of the Android front, the tablet comes with a 10.1 inch display and a front as well as rear-facing cameras. However, coming on at $429.99 or $479.99 depending on storage, it is certainly cheaper than the iPad 2.

    Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

    Although certainly limited to a very select clientele, this notebook is small, easily mobile, and perfectly suited for users who run their daily routine around web-based apps.

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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jun 28, 2011.

    1. Kaykaykay
    2. thewitt
      As I said sales will ultimately tell, not pundits.

      It's likely their tablet will come in at a price that is inline with and not dramatically cheaper than the competition.

      The high end Kindle is nearly $400 - not cheap. It's not likely they will undercut this price.

      We can have this conversation again in January and see if they hit their 17m 2011 Kindle prediction AND their 5m Q4 tablet prediction.

      I'm saying they will not, that they will lose Kindle sales to the tablet.

      You keep saying that some magically enhanced Amazon shopping experience is going to drive sales of a hardware tablet. I think that's nonsense.

      Time will tell.

    3. Kaykaykay
      Please try to stick with facts:

      Amazon has never revealed Kindle sales numbers.

      I have posted that Amazon would use its content to push hardware sales. That's an obvious sales strategy.

      Amazon is a huge seller of many products, and has been for years.

      It has amazing goodwill among consumers, as shown by annual rankings in customer satisfaction.

      I have not jumped to conclusions about its success. You refer to my previous posts, but you seem to have forgotten, misread, misunderstood or selectively remembered. I have posted that Amazon can afford to take a risk with a tablet; risk is defined as including the possibility of failure.

      I'm a consumer who's glad to see a company with resources and smarts take a risk and offer some decent competition in the Android tablet market, which hardware makers have failed to do so far.
    4. SingingSabre
      I agree with this 100%.

      The only reason I still shop with Amazon is because every time I've had a product fail they've given me a refund. "Every" isn't figurative, this is literal and their success rate with fixing my problems has been 100%. I've never had another company match that.

      I'm excited to see what the Amazon tablet can do. Remember when we all assumed the iPad was going to be a giant iPod Touch and we were all proved wrong? Remember when we thought it was going to be solely for media consumption and we were all proved wrong? Amazon is in a position to be innovative in ways that HP, Apple, IBM, and Microsoft aren't.
    5. thewitt
      In a discussion based on speculation and guessing the future, facts are always augmented with opinion.... I've read all your opinion and praise, I'm not selectively recalling thank you.

      The unit sales numbers for the Kindle are accepted by market analysts, nothing I made up. Though Amazon has never released Kindle unit sales numbers they do have suppliers who do release numbers and it's not rocket science to determine fairly accurate sales numbers.

      It will be interesting to see how successful their tablet offering really is, however if I had to bet on 5m units in Q4 the odds would be very long against it.

    6. Kaykaykay
      The market analysts who are estimating Kindle sales are the same ones who are now saying that Amazon would be a credible tablet maker and seller. Lol.
    7. thewitt
      I never said they would not be credible, just that I think they are blowing smoke when they estimate 5m unit sales in Q4 along with 17m Kindle sakes for 2011.

      They will be lucky to do half those tablet sales and will take from the high end Kindle sales to do so.

    8. thewitt
      By the way, I consider several million unit sales a year to be successful - as would have. HP...
    9. thewitt
      Rival the iPad? Not a chance.
    10. Kaykaykay
      I don't bother much with analyst figures in this case, because they miscalled Kindle from the start. Now it's a success and they finally recognize that. Duh.

      As far as Amazon tablet sales, the company operates in secrecy and has a different timeline and risk tolerance than most. They are willing to take a longer view, which is why I consider first-quarter predictions next to useless with any tablet it produces.

      I'd bet that Amazon would happily give up every Kindle sale for a tablet one. Any tablet it produces would be geared toward selling even more Amazon products than a Kindle. Most buyers of an Amazon tablet probably would spend even more at Amazon than they do now.

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