Telltale Games’ Hector: EP 1HD for iPad Out Today

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    [ame=]YouTube - Hector: Episode 1 - Coming to iPad, Mac and PC April 27th[/ame]​

    Episodic games maestros Telltale Games launch their latest iPad game in the app store today: Hector: Ep1 HD - We Negotiate with Terrorists, following on from the PC and Mac versions which are already available on Steam and Telltale’s website. The game is set in the damp, sweaty corners of Clappers Wreake, the city that took the “Great†out of Britain, and features the violent, drunken and corrupt Hector as its unlikely hero. When a hostage situation arises, Hector is the people’s only hope, so it sounds like they’re all doomed then!

    Episode 1 - We Negotiate with Terrorists is the first of a three-episode series, with Episode 2 - Senseless Acts of Justice and Episode 3 - Beyond Reasonable Doom due for release in Fall 2011. If you’re a fan of Telltale’s work with the Monkey Island, Wallace & Grommit and Sam & Max episodic games, then be sure to check it out! You have to be over 17 years of age to download it though as the themes do look to be a little more “adult†than usual for Telltale.

    Click here to download Episode 1 for $6.99/£3.99: HECTOR: Ep1 HD ? We Negotiate with Terrorists for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: Telltale Games

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