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    :) welcomes you all…:)
    Tease UR Brain is a new puzzle game app introduced with a new set of mind-boggling questions, which will force you to think when you play.

    IQ stands for “intelligence quotient”. Can you beat the impossible, challenge yourself and prove your IQ? Are you ready and mentally prepared to challenge your mind? Are you all set to Tease UR Brain? Go on and test your IQ level in innovation and tests your skills of thinking differently. We promise it gets more addictive as you move on. Its seamless synchronization with Facebook allows you to post score, invite and challenge friends.The faster you solve, the greater is your IQ score.

    Free Advice: Think completely out of box and in a different way to successfully complete all the levels. Expect the unexpected. Don’t guess and choose, think and choose. Find out how smart you are, by taking this puzzle app – Tease UR Brain.

    Key Features

    • 50+ mind-boggling questions with interactive game play in TUB.
    • Easy, but challenging play mode designed and mingled with interactive questions.
    • HD graphics optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad mini.
    • 10+ stages x 10+levels in TUB Pro
    • Challenge, invite and share your IQ with friends on Facebook.
    • Good to go and fun for all age groups.
    • The faster you solve, the greater is your IQ score.
    • Login with Facebook to play the app and earn extra 10 cheats.

    You might have played the other real IQ games and found them to be very interesting. Try this out for free and we promise you will enjoy even better.

    Download the free version and get the flavor of this app. Download the pro version only if you like the free version.
    So, if you are looking out for a little fun and more challenging game, which will keep you fully engaged, TUB is the app for you.
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