TeamTop3’s latest game Zombie Burger is released officially today

Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by staygold, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Firstly, Plants vs. Zombies has swept the world, then The Walking Dead in the public eye, the zombies theme games have been sought after by many players. After worked together little fresh leisure mobile game Worm Vs birds with Chillingo, TeamTop3 first introduced the bloody zombie game, and set the precedent of combining zombies theme with business simulation games, for example, large-scale breakthrough is full of expectations!

    僵尸汉堡 1.jpg
    Zombie Burger has a close play with the classic operation game Diner Dash, and has a rich story line content, integrate into zombie theme better. The game protagonist Flo fell into a stupor in an accident, when she woke up, she found that the whole world has changed. Many zombies in the street, Flo found that zombies love burgers! If you give them burgers, you can avoid being attacked. Flo could not miss this opportunity to make a fortune, so she found some old cars and substances to start the most incredible burger business trip.

    僵尸汉堡 2.jpg

    When run the Burger shop, according to a variety of hard-served zombie customers, it require players to think about a variety of countermeasures, making Hamburgs especially test a player's finger dexterity and quick mind, in order to earn more money in the least time, players can only attempt to achieve it through trying again and again!
    Interested players can now landing the AppStore and download the game, start the bloody journey in the Zombie Burger shop!

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    looks awesome and fun!!!

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