Teach you how to play blu-ray movies of your pc by your iPad

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    How to play Blu-ray ISO movies by my iPad?

    Expecting to lie on your bed, sofa or anywhere of your house to enjoy blu-ray movies of the pc by your iPad? Here is a solution to help you realize it. Now I will teach you how to do it in detail.

    1.Install VidOn Server to your pc
    Download VidOn Server to install.

    2.Add the blu-ray movie folder
    Run ’VidOn Server’ -> Click ’Add’ in ‘Media Library Management’-> Choose media type and path of the folder-> Click “OK†to complete the adding.

    3.Connect VidOn Player to VidOn Server
    Download VidOn Player to your iPad.

    Make sure your pc and iPad are in the same LAN .
    Run VidOn Player-> Click to open ‘VidOn Server’-> Click the icon on the top right corner ->
    Choose the the right server-> Return.
    Then you will find the blu-ray movies of your pc are now on the iPad.

    4.Enjoy Blu-ray movies
    Click the poster of the movie, you can see the detailed info.
    Click ’Titles’, you will see the easy menu navigation. Choose any title you like to play from the playlist or click the play icon, the movie begin to play.
    While watching, you can choose the subtitles and audio tracks which you like. Then you can enjoy blu-ray movies on anywhere of your house by your phone/pad. It’s amazing, right?
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