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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by mynameiserich, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a task manager app that can cater to all of my needs. I have tried many, and havent found one that includes everything. I am using Appigo ToDo right now, and this has been the closest to the best thus far. First I will list my requirements, then my issues.

    The perfect apps includes single tasks, checklists, and projects. Repeating tasks, a checklist that can be organized alphabetically, a task due date and time, and something that can sync online, as well as the ipad and iphone.

    I first tried wunderlist, but it came up short with no repeating tasks, and no option to organize checklists alphabetically.

    Next I have moved on to Appigo ToDo. This has been the best. My first issue is that while keeping talks organized by due date, I am not able to organize checklists alphabetically. I can change the list to a project and it will make them alphabetically, but then it has additional features I don't want, such as multiple dated tasks. The next is that I signed up for their online syncing, and was able to log in once, and have not been able to again from my work browser. This could be a browser problem though.

    Any suggestions?
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    I believe Toodledo will do everything you wanted, and a bit more. You can organize tasks with folders, contexts, and goals; each task beging able to belong to more than one. The lists can be sorted alphabeticaly, or by context, date, whatever. And it syncs online to the Toodledo site.

    Actually the main problem with it is that there are so many options that it takes a while to set it up the way you want.

    There are also several other apps that will sync with the Toodledo site, offering a variety of different ways to use it. I'm not familiar with them, but searching for Toodledo in the app store should turn them up. I believe Pocket Informant (popular in the forum) is among them.

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