Target starts iPad trade-in, offers at least $200 even for your first-generation iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Nov 7, 2013.

By RaduTyrsina on Nov 7, 2013 at 6:24 AM
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    The iPad Air has been launched for consumers and we’re expecting Apple to establish another sales record this year. If you’re planning on selling your old iPad to buy a newer model, then you should know that Target has started its trade-in program that provides customers with a gift card worth at least $200 for any iPad. The good news is that even the first-generation iPad models are included in the program.

    The single “trick†is that the received gift card must be used towards the purchase of a new iPad. Target’s promotion applies to any "previous model working iPad" and the iPad you bring also must be scratches-free.

    The trade-in program ends on November 9, so hurry up if you’re looking to trade-in your old iPad. Normally, Target pays only $65 for a fully functional 16GB first -generation iPad and $145 for a 16GB iPad Mini. Here’s how Target’s offer is detailed on the website:

    Target is offering the iPad Air at its discounted price of $479 for the entry-level 16GB model, as the big-box retailer has priced-matched Walmart’s price. So, if you are still using an old iPad, bring it in, get a $200 trade-in gift card and you’ll have to pay only $279 more to get the shiny new iPad Air.

    Source: TheVerge
    Source 2: Target Trade-in Program


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Nov 7, 2013.

    1. Frawick
      This is what I see: "Sorry, this item has no cash value."
    2. PadCat
      Worked great for me - I turned in 2 64 gb iPad 1s, got $400 in gift cards and then bought 2 iPad Airs from them. Thank you, Target!
    3. tkelso
      What a hassle

      I was able to take advantage of this program, but not without a lot of hassle. The store I went to did not have the ipad I wanted. Offered to go ahead and take mine in for the trade and give me a gift card. Then I was told that the gift card could only be used in their store. They never would back down even though their web site makes no mention of this. I finally got it done, but quite a hassle.
    4. Clemdog
      Not sure why my Gen 2 64g AT&T/wifi shows a trade in value of $170.00?
    5. JewelGarden
      During Target's special offer, ending today, you get $200 if you take it into one of the designated stores. I turned in my iPad 1 for a gift card last night. No hassles, really easy as long as the iPad turns on.
    6. mikespe
      I traded in my iPad 2 for the iPad mini last night...I know many are saying get the Air but they were out of them and for me the mini is just fine. It allows me to use iOS 7 and it's more compact without being too small. I prefer my Galaxy Note 2 for most of my "tech chores" but there are a few apps on iOS that I just can't find a comparable version on next goal is a Note 10.1...the S Pen is just AWESOME!!
    7. rollerd
      I traded in my wifes iPad 1 and ended up getting a $200 gift card. No iPad Airs in Oregon Targets. She is using my iPad Air, 128gb, Verizon one untill she gets her's. Gave my sister another iPad 1, I had. I helped her set it up but man, was it slow and heavy.
    8. rollerd
      Target finally got in the iPad Airs. Got the wife a 16gb wifi only and case. She loves it. And yes, I have mine back now!!!

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