Taotronics Wireless Shower Speaker review

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    The Wireless Shower Speaker from Taotronics is a small but good sounding Bluetooth speaker with the added utility of being showerproof.

    The TT-SK03 measures in at 85 x 85 x 60mm and weighs 110g. It has a 500mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 5 hours. Included in the package alongside the speaker is a proprietary USB charging cable and a user guide.

    The speaker features buttons for power, play/pause, tracks forward & back which double for volume control too and finally a hands free button for operating in speakerphone mode. There is also a microphone hole which is required for participating in a phone call using the speaker although I’m not sure that would be considered ideal timing if you are in the shower at the time.

    This is the unique point of this speaker, it is showerproof and features a large suction cup on the rear so it can be secured in a shower cubicle or similar. The charging port also has a small rubber cover to protect this opening when not in use. Being a speaker though, it still has small holes to allow the sound to propagate so this is definitely not waterproof. A light shower is as damp as you would want to expose this too.

    Sound quality for such a small speaker is actually quite impressive. There isn’t a huge amount of bass but things still sound surprisingly rich and it certainly sounds better than I was expecting.

    A showerproof speaker seems like a niche product but if it is something you have been looking for, this one from Taotronics comes well recommended.

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