Syrian rebels use iPad app to aim and fire mortar

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By RaduTyrsina on Sep 20, 2013 at 1:16 PM
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    The majority of people use the iPad for browsing online, playing games or for watching movies. Some might even decide to take pictures with their iPad. But Syrian rebels fighting against Assad’s regime have found a new use for the iPad - it helps them to aim and fire mortar shells.

    A photo taken recently in Damascus shows a Free Syrian Army member that is using an iPad to help him fire the mortar. The iPad has an accelerometer sensor which can measure the force of acceler​​ation and can sense movement and gravity. But in order to use that feature to transform your iPad into a war tool, you would need the right app. Paul Szoldra, a former mortar instructor of the U.S. Marine Corps said that the iPad might be used like a sight unit through the help of a level app that would help the rebels aim better

    "The version in the Marine Corps has a sight unit on the left hand side. We would get data from a fire direction center, adjust our sights according to the data and make sure it's level before we drop rounds. Apple has apps in the store that you can use for shooting rifles. I haven't heard of an app for mortar firing, but it wouldn't totally surprise me if they had that technology."

    iPad's GPS and its linking to a mapping app could also help the rebels have a more precise aim, according to Stephen Ganyard, an ABC News consultant on military issues:

    "That data would tell him where he is and where the regime fighters are. Then he could calculate and apply the proper elevation angle to the mortar tube to launch mortars at the regime position.â€

    This is not the first time when this happens, though. In June, this year, troops from the same area were filmed using maps on their iPad to aim weapons at Assad's forces.

    Source: ABC News
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Sep 20, 2013.

    1. jconaway99
      Glad to see iPad Forums supporting Al Qaeda-linked rebels. Not.
    2. iJamesH
    3. ardchoille
      Agreed. This doesn't make iPads good or bad anymore than airplanes or automobiles are made good or bad simply because a good or bad person uses them.
    4. s2mikey
      Like guns. ;)
    5. The OB
      The OB
      I'm sure that poor old iPad, there in the heat and the dust, was unaware of who was using it, for what purpose and whether on the side of right or wrong. And that was surely the aim of this news article, to show the versatility and the potential of this machine that we constantly speak about here, being used in the most unusual situations. No need to read too much into it, I would think?
    6. jconaway99
      I did not imply that iPads are good or bad.
    7. jconaway99
      I am glad that the iPad is a versatile device. I just questioned the story that illustrates that fact.
    8. Good karma
      Good karma
      the 3 Al Queda stooges in the picture looks unprofessional :mad:
    9. iJamesH
      I agree. I mean if terrorists were to use iPads let's say on an orphanage or something else would you still report it and say it's versatile. We all know that the iPad is a versatile machine but we don't need to know if terrorists or terrorist backed groups are using it.

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