syncing itunes with computer after computer crash

Discussion in 'iTunes Forum' started by mwhoody, Nov 1, 2014.

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    My computer crashed a little while ago and I had to reformat it and reload itunes. Which is all fine.
    Now my wife wants me to load more books onto her ipad2.
    But when I hook up the ipad to the computer and open itunes, of course, none of my books are there.
    Now if I press the sync button it tells me that it will erase all my music, books and etc. Which I definitely do not want to do.
    All my books are mine (none have been purchased through itunes)
    My question is: How do I go about adding new books to my ibooks library without loosing the books that I have on there now.
    As you know it takes a long time to organize the ibooks library into different (Authors and Categories) And I really would love not to go through all that again if at all possible.
    What I did so far:
    - did a back up (I think I did it right???)
    - Tried to do a "recovery" But it told me to uncheck "Find My Ipad" in Settings. Which I did
    - Tried to do a recovery again - tells me the same thing about unchecking "Find My Ipad:
    Oh man, I don't want to start from scratch again!
    It's to bad itunes does not work like Windows Live Mail. I don't matter how many times you computer crashes, Live Mail will always have all you contacts and emails right back there, just like you left it before the computer crash.
    Thank you all!!!

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