Switching from iPad Pro 12.9 to 9.7

Discussion in 'iPad Pro Forum' started by Junior, Oct 7, 2016.

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    I went the other way. I picked up a 12" iPad Pro this year because I wanted more real estate. Here's the long drawn out story, if you care to know why I did it.

    I've had the Air 2 since it first came out. (I use my Mini in the truck as a multimedia device to play through the Bluetooth sound system. It never leaves the truck.) When the 12.9" came out, I thought, "No way. Who needs that other than graphic artists, of which I am not!" So I tisk tisked it and kept my iPad Air 2.

    Last year they came out with the 9.7" Pro, and I saw that there really wasn't a difference between my Air 2 and the Pro, so once again, I kept my Air 2, but somewhere in my mind I was always wondering what it'd be like to have the bigger screen of the 12.9".

    Now, I don't use my personal iPad for work. In fact, I don't use it productively at all. It's simply a pleasure device designed to play my iPad games, read Facebook, email, and simply veg out while the TV (that can no longer hold my full and undivided attention) is on in the back ground, so once again, why would I upgrade? Funny thing is, my mom had been using my iPad 4 ever since I upgraded to an iPad Air years ago. (Yes, I had an Air, sold it, and upgraded to the Air 2.) She made a commit about how she'd like a new hand-me-down, if I ever upgraded again as the 4 is still the old large iPad. I thought, "well. I've wanted a 12" iPad for a few years now. This would take care of my Christmas gift to her as well. Why not?" So I picked up a WiFi 128GB version. I saw no reason to "max" out this one as I did my previous Air 2, and I hated the annoying pop up message about not having a SIM card installed, because I never had a cellular connection in my old iPad.

    After a month with the 12.9", I really like it. Now, it sucks to type on the screen. I mean, sucks. The keyboard is too big, even for my fat fingers. But I do like the attachable keyboard. I just wish the magnets were stronger and held it in place better. My main reason for the switch was to gain real estate, and boy does it! My golf game looks massive on it, and I can actually track the ball the entire way. Also, it's easier to dial in that precision that you just can't do with a smaller device. And while I'm not 50 yet, my eyes are starting to turn fuzzy when viewing smaller things, so the fact that everything is bigger really helps with the eye strain.

    So, did I need it? Nope. Not even a little bit. Was I mad about paying more for the bigger version? YES. Am I happy I did it. Yes, because mom's happy. And isn't that really the key here? A happy mom is always a nice thing to see.

    So, I'll stick with my iPad Pro 12.9". For me it's a great device that does exactly what I had hoped it would... improve my virtual golf game!
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    I currently use a mini 4, Air 2 and Pro 12.9.... I find I use the mini 4 the most ever since I picked it up about two months ago. My mini 4 is 128 GB wifi and my Air 2 is 16 GB wifi. The Pro is 32 GB wifi. All are space gray. The reason I think I gravitate towards my mini the most is that it's the perfect size for reading ebooks on the kindle and nook apps and I find it good for web browsing too. Once in a while I watch a movie or YouTube video. I also find it ideal for email, calendar etc...

    I love my iPad Pro 12.9 for browsing the web and reading news but the portability of the mini is much more beneficial to me than the extra real estate that the Pro provides. As for the 9.7" form factor.... I find it just a little bit large for ebook reading. Everything else, it's great for but when I just want to carry one device the mini is the one that I usually pick for overall convenience and ease of use. Plus it's the lightest one with the smallest footprint thus the most portable.

    I'm hoping the rumored 10.5 (10.9") iPad Pro comes out in March 2017 because then my mom can inherit her choice of my Pro or my Air 2 as her 2nd iPad for a backup to her Air 1 and I will pick up a new 10.5" Pro... I hear they are supposed to be bezelless with the same footprint as a 9.7" Pro but a little thicker. I'd mostly be getting it for the new bezelless design and the change of pace it brings. The old design of the current iPads is getting a little long in the tooth IMO...

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