Survey Says College Students Named Apple as their Preferred Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop Brand

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    Accrording to a recent survey of 880 college students conducted by Chegg, it was discovered that 51% named Apple as their preferred smartphone, tablet and laptop brand. The same survey also found that 46% namedBeats as their top pick for headphones.

    Apple was the most desired electronics brand, with Samsung being the only other brand to earn greater than 9% share. Thus, Chegg says that 44% of men and 57% of woman wanted an iPhone while just 30% of men and 29% of women wanted a Samsung device. Among laptops, Apple was named by 37% of men and 43% of women with HP in second place with the support of 10% of men and 20% of women.

    As for tablets, Apple’s iPad beat out Microsoft’s Surface and Samsung’s Android tabs with 41% of men and 47% of women naming Apple while just 24% of men and 22% of women named Microsoft and just 12% of men and 22% of women named Samsung.

    As for holiday presents, it seems that 83% of college students mentioned cash or a gift card as their most desired gift followed by clothing at 73% and electronics at 52%. It seems that 83% of females said they preferred cash or gift cards while only 79% of the males did. Electronics was the second favorite gift desire for men at 67% while woman preferred clothing over electronics at 79%.

    Source: Chegg
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    I prefer electronics over clothing as they last longer. Now, if I am able to have both that would be fabulous

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