Super-Trick of the Day for iOS: Calculator App Remove Zero by Swiping Right

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    Sometimes we simply don't have time in the day to learn everything possible about how to use our iPhone or iPad as effectively as possible. Those crafty engineers at Apple have tested the depths of their creativity by adding a huge slew of useful features and functions to iOS, but that doesn't mean we have the opportunity to learn them all.We thought it would be a great idea to share some of these tricks for any users who don't know about them.

    We won't have a new trick for you everyday, but we are introducing our Super-Trick of the Day for Your iPad series which we will share every other day or so. For some of you, these tricks might end up being obvious. Just remember though, you didn't know them before you knew them, and if you didn't find out about them, then you wouldn't have known about them. Now that the philosophy lesson is over for the day, let's get on to the first Super-Trick!

    Our first trick of the series is a simple but useful one. Many folks don't know that when you are using the calculator in iOS, you don't have to back all the way out if you mess up some numbers. You can swipe left to right to remove a number. It's as easy as the pic above.

    Now, that's handy!

    Stay tuned for our next Super-Trick suggestion in a couple of days. (Probably Monday!)


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