Super Meat Boy Forever Coming to iPad

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    MCVUK has great news for Super Meat Boy fans, reporting that a new game for PC and tablets has been revealed at PAX, entitled Super Meat Boy Forever.

    An auto-runner, it has been created by the makers of the original Meat Boy game, and the stars of Indie Game: The Movie, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes.

    Other than this announcement, not much more is known about the game at present, with only a brief snippet on Vine to go on, although you pretty much get the gist of the game in those few seconds: Super Meat Boy is running, he’s jumping, and he’s trying to avoid big meat grinder type obstacles.It looks like typical Team Meat fun!

    In its original report on the story, Joystiq said that the game is playable at PAX Prime 2014, but it does not yet have a release date, with Team Meat simply saying that the launch date will be “When it’s done.”

    Sources: MCVUK, Joystiq

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