Super Bowl coming to the iPad!

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Dec 27, 2011.

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    NFL finally agrees to be integrated into the tech era. Previously NFL was against streaming their game live. This tactic implemented a tradition into American families: mom, dads, kids gathered around the TV set in the living room, packed with snacks and sodas in order to watch two teams fight to the “death†so they can win the famous Lombardi trophy. But somehow NFL picked up on the frenzy surrounding the iPhones and how people seem to abandon the big screen in favor of the iDevices. NFL has always been very wary of making the big transition into the online environment for a number of reasons, some of them being pretty…wild.

    Somehow the NFL management has come to the realization that ads on mobile platforms for the game can make a lot of good money as well. Well not so much money as TV commercials would make ($100,000 per second) but such revenue would be welcome. And lots of people are dying to see their teams online. We hope we didn’t get you too excited, because we are starting to pour the bad news now. The app that will stream the game will be supported by the iPhone and iPad but it will require a Verizon network to stream. Auch. The stream will feature multiple camera angels, replays, live stats and of course reruns of the commercials.

    The president of media strategy, Hans Schroeder said that if somebody has to run out to the store to get something they forgot even for a couple of minutes, now they can stay connected to the game. With a huge TV audience like that, NFL is very interested in seeing the expanded reach.

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    Cool! I was waiting for this news!
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    Holy sweet mother of awesome!

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