Stuck on Apple Logo, DHL due to arrive!

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by atomicdev, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Ok here's the deal:

    Bought my iPad in Jan, jailbroke using RedSnow, all worked perfectly then 3 days ago I accidentally let it run out of juice. Plugged it in with the intention of running the tethered re-boot but the screen was constantly on a low battery indicator and when trying to boot up I kept getting a 'device not recognized error'. To top it all off even iTunes wouldn't recognize my iPad was plugged in.

    I tried all the reboot methods, DFU etc etc so after all this I call Apple Tech support this morning and for £87 they'll send DHL out to replace my faulty one. The alternative was travel 2 hours away to my local Apple Store. No Chance so I paid the £87 and she also told me a 'holding fee' of £450 was also being charged but would be released when they receive the iPad back. What!

    Anyway, my question is - Last night the 'connect to iTunes' logo and usb image did come on briefly so does this mean that it has been restored to factory settings? I'm only worried because I don't want Apple getting it back and seeing that I did indeed install Cydia! They will take the £415 + £366 in service charges because they will deem it as my fault!

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