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By dgstorm on Oct 9, 2013 at 5:22 PM
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    What can you say about a case for an iPad that has not already been said? Does it stand up with a little flap that folds under? Yes. Does it cover the glass completely with a nice soft fabric? Yes. Does it wake the iPad up when you fold the flap back? Yes. Does it protect the iPad from small falls? Yes. There you have it… It meets all the design features that you would come to expect from an iPad case.

    Now, here are some features that set this case apart from the rest of the cases on the market. I have lived with this case for a short time, and I have come to really appreciate the things that it can do over the average case on the market. If you are a person that is on the go, like to travel light, and need to keep your tech close to you all the time, then the Strotter Across SL might just be the case for you.

    I got to test the SL, which stands for Synthetic Leather, and the fit was almost vacuum packed to the iPad. There is a note from the manufacturer that stated to not force it on as the power button is most likely hindering you from sliding the iPad in easily. They were exactly right. The tolerances for this case are, in a word, tight. Once on, every hole in the case for power, microphone, headphones, speakers, and volume buttons are spot on. That isn't the special part. Most cases on the market get the fit right, so that is not something new. The part that makes this case worth a second look is what it does on the go.

    The Strotter Across Case has grommets in each corner of the case so that you can attach the shoulder strap to so that you can configure the strap in any one of four different combinations to keep your iPad at your side during whatever you are doing, and wherever you are doing it. If you need it out of the way while you are bending or on the go, it can easily be moved to your back with a cross body strap, and then returned to the front for hands free viewing with ease. It can be carried in two different fashions at your side, either on a vertical axis, or a horizontal axis, whichever is the most comfortable for you.

    Strotter has always brought high end leather cases to market, and they have spared no expense in craftsmanship in their Synthetic Leather cases. You get that same great fit and finish in this piece, with the affordability and durability of a synthetic material.

    This case is perfect for the professional that is on their feet and on the go. It keeps your iPad within arm's reach no matter what you are up to in your daily routine. If you are looking for a case that is going to sit on your coffee table for couch side surfing, then this may not be the case for you. However, if you are a mobile worker, and need the ease and accessibility of a case that can go from a shoulder carrying case, to hand's free viewing while standing or laying, to a free standing case while on a table, and everywhere in between, this is your case. Strotter Across SL. MSRP $49.99

    As originally written by NickJ

    Here's a link to the product: Leather iPad carrying case with shoulder strap: hands-free, slim and light | Strotter


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Oct 9, 2013.

    1. alicepattinson
      you can even use your ipam while you're carrying it. nice! This is perfect for a busy type f person
    2. Strotter
      Platforma fit: Macbook Air 11" fits, 13" does not.
      Across case fits only naked iPads 2-3-4, not the first gen, and not the mini.
    3. OmarKN
      The kind of iPad case I'm interested is one with built-in keyboard.

      Have there surfaced some products in this respect?

      / bw,

      Omar K N
    4. Klaudia
      I saw on your website that the Across will soon be available for the mini.
      Any idea if it'll it be available for the first generation mini before Christmas?
      Thank you.

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