Strong iPad Pro Sales Could Halt the iPad’s Downward Sales Trend

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 2, 2015.

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    According to a new report from IDC, via 9to5 Mac, iPad Pro sales could help Apple to buck the general downward sales trends for tablets.

    IDC says that overall, the worldwide tablet market will fall 8.1% this year, but that the “detachable” segment, which is tablets with detachable keyboards, is set to double in 2016, with Apple being one of the main companies to benefit from this.
    However, it’s possible that this big benefit for Apple will be short-lived, with Windows set to grow dramatically over the next few years thanks to the detachable market, with Apple’s market share growth set to stagnate after next year, according to Ubrani.

    Source: The iPad Pro could turn around the long-running decline in iPad sales, says IDC
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    I'd like to know what percentage of the ones in Blue (Android) are the ones , you buy at Walmart for >$100 use for a week then throw into a drawer because they break or are too slow to be useful.
    A lot of " Analysts" bemoan the decline in iPad sales but are blind to the fact that the 5 yr old iPad 2 is still a perfectly good device for most of those who own one and do not see the need to upgrade. They also fail to consider the fact that smart phones (unlike tablets)have a 2 year shelf life because they spend a majority of their existence stuffed into a pocket or purse and this daily wear and tear is what kills them, not slower specs than the latest and greatest model.
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    That, and the old two year contracts made it a no brainer to upgrade, even if you didn't need one. You weren't going to pay any less for keeping the old phone, so you might as well as spend $50 to $100 for another.

    The new contracts that do go down when the phone has been paid off haven't been around long enough to make their influence known.

    This is, of course, a very U.S. centric view. Other countries have had better options for longer.

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