Strategy game Tribal Wars comes to the iPad

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    Tribal wars fans, be warned! Your favorite strategy game is coming to the iPad. You can use the same account you have registered to play the in-browser version of the game, for the iPad version as well.

    Tribal Wars is a very popular online game that lets users create and control their own small tribe set in the Middle Ages. As the plot develops and users seek to gain power and glory, the gamers will be engaged in intra-tribal wars and negotiation. In the process, the players will, of course, have to make allies in order to fight stronger enemies and slowly carve out the path to dominance.

    Tribal Wars is basically free to play and embeds 15 unique buildings in its game play. In order to keep their village safe, gamers will have to raise armies and trained paladins that will be in charge of plundering, conquering or attacking. The iPad app will also feature many different worlds that await to be conquered by following different sets of rules.

    Another particularity of the iOS app is that users can sign up for worlds that have not been kick started yet. Players can peak and start considering strategies and having “parleys†with friends in order to decide the best way to reign supreme over the new world.

    In order to be able to play Tribal Wars, users will have to have iOS 4.3 or later installed on their device. The free app is available at the App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch and of course iPad.​​

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