Strange buzzing noise!

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by AledJ, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Aug 9, 2012
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    Just bought my ipad 3 wifi + 3g 32gb. Now all was ok until an hour into watching a program on it, there was a buzzing noise through the headphones. Now at the same time as watching the program with headphones, i was also charging it. When i unpluged the charger, the buzzing stopped but started again when i put the charger back in. Any ideas? Is it due to the building age, the ipad, or the charger?

    One other question on the day i got the ipad i coupd make comments using the FB app, but yesterday it would not let me add a comment to any status. It would load the status convo on the side with the comment box, but then the comment box disappears. I have removed the a few times, but the issue is still there.

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