Steve Young Football HD Touches Down on iPad

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    [ame=]YouTube - My iPad iBuddy (Steve Young Football My Buddy Spoof)[/ame]​

    It’s always good to feature a football game or two to tie in with the start of the football season, and what makes the new Steve Young Football game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch even more worthy of a mention is the really silly YouTube trailers for the game, such as the one above. I thought it was only me that hugged my iPad like that! Anyway, cool adverts aside, the game is the first iOS device app from developer Vaporware Labs, and it brings fast, finger-controlled action to the gridiron, with players getting the chance to control Super Bowl XXIX MVP and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Steve Young, as they drive down the field to collect stars, avoiding the many dangerous traps and pitfalls in their path, such as land mines, tornadoes, teleporters, pinball bumper, running pigs and so on!

    Steve Young Football takes the action of pro football and combines it with fast-paced arcade action, creating a new type of game that mixes up “paper†or “flick†football with tower defence-style gameplay. Players control Steve Young by placing their finger on the screen and moving him around the backfield. Once Steve is lined up, players flick their finger, firing Steve towards the star and across the goal line to score. There are more than 80 levels in total to be unlocked via single-player gameplay, with four distinct themes: traditional football, classic video game, space and horror.

    The game also offers unique one-on-one action with a live opponent, as two players take turns setting up obstacles on the field and running Steve past them to score. More obstacles and enemies for the multiplayer game can be unlocked in the single-player campaign, and the game makes inventive use of the iPad’s wireless capabilities by enabling players to place two iPads next to each other, instantly doubling the size of the playing field available.

    Steve Young will be donating 100% of his proceeds from the game, and Vaporware Labs will also be donating a portion of their proceeds from the game, to Forever Young, Steve Young’s foundation that helps children with emotional, physical and financial difficulties. You can find out more about the foundation at ForeverYoung.Org.

    You can download Steve Young Football from the iTunes App Store for $4.99/£2.99 for the iPad version and $0.99/$0.59 for the iPhone and iPod touch version.

    Source: fortyseven communications

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