Step by Step Math Learning tool on the iPad - Ideal for school learning

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    I'd like to introduce a new innovative approach to using technology as a tool for learning.

    My Math Mate will make all those difficult things you learn in maths really simple and easy to digest.

    The content and solutions are laid out step by step with commentary to ensure no step is overlooked. An intuitive simple layout makes this app perfect for all ages.

    Features include
    1. Modular content based on official GCSE Maths examination board material.
    2. Currently over 20 different modules related to numbers including:
    Arithmetic - Integer addition, Negatives addition, fractional multiplication, Long addition / multiplication.
    Ordering rational numbers - Number lines, comparing fractions.
    Factors and multiples - Divisibility, Identifying primes / factors, prime factor decomposition.
    3. Built in test system with an unlimited number of tests to allow you to be tested on what you've just learnt.
    4. All the tools used to deliver the content are available to use with your own input values.
    5. Black board - turn your iPad into a fully featured black board.

    This pack delivers all of the above in the Number Starter Pack, amazing value for the price far less than 1 standard text book you can have this amazing new assistive learning tool.

    App Name: My Math Mate
    Availability: AppStore - Apple iPad

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