Starbucks Launches Wireless Charging Pads in 200 Locations

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    Huff Post Tech reports that Starbucks is now providing wireless charging facilities at 200 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, prior to rolling out the service throughout the U.S., and then later in Europe and Asia.

    Duracell Powermat Spots for charging smartphones and tablets can be found on tables and counters in the applicable Starbucks stores, with Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills telling Huff Post Tech that each of the 200 stores will have approximately eight of the charging stations.

    And even though Powermats are usually only compatible with AT&T phones, Powermat’s Scott Eisenstein said that Starbucks will loan “rings” to customers, which can be plugged into any smartphone, and which enable any smartphone to be charged on the Powermat.

    Mills told HuffPost Tech that Starbucks introduced the charging mats to make their customers happy.

    Source: HuffPost Tech

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