Sprint Customers Can Now Rent New iPads for 2 Years

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    US carrier Sprint has unveiled this fall the "iPhone for Life" leasing program which allowed customers to rent the new iPhones for a two-year period. Now the carrier is extending its program to cover the new iPads, as well, after it has probably seen some success with the iPhone plan.

    Thus, Sprint customers can rent a 16-gigabyte iPad Air 2 for $20 a month for 24 months. However, when this period ends, you must return the device. After the 24 months period ends, customers can turn the device back in and lease another iPad or purchase it. They can also choose to continue leasing it on a month-to-month basis or turn it back in and cancel the service.

    This means that you'll end up paying $480 in two years for a product that can be yours for $399. But, you don't have to pay the full amount and you can easily 'get rid of it' at the end of the 2-years contract.

    Customers can also join a Sprint Family Share Pack plan, and pay a $10 access fee to connect the tablet to the plan. Sprint said that through December 2015, it would waive the access fee for anyone who adds an iPad to a plan that has 20GB or more data. If customers aren't on a shared plan, Sprint has tablet-specific plans which range from 100MB for $10 to 30GB for $110 a month.

    If you want to rent new the iPads, you should know the iPad Air 2 with 16GB costs $20, the 64GB model costs $24 and the 128GB model costs $28. The iPad Mini 3 16GB costs $17 a month, while the 64GB model costs $21 and the 128GB model costs $25.

    Source: Sprint
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    Not sure this is really such a good deal but if someone is strapped for cash and prefers monthly payments I guess it could work. They'd be better off just trying to buy a refurbished earlier gen iPad though, IMO.

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