Speck SeeThru & SeeThru Satin iPad Case Review

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve6YXMuf2s4]YouTube - Speck SeeThru & SeeThru Satin iPad Case Review - iPhone Vlog 107[/ame]​

    Another iPad case coming from Speck, this time with a bit of a different design. This case has a great grip on the back that will also allow you to lay your iPad flat on the table. This case is great for people who use their iPads in the office or at school and need to put their device down for a bit. It provides a good amount of protection, but the iPad is made of a lot of glass, you would need some airbags for this thing not to break from a fall. The case can be purchased below for $50.

    Get Yours Here:
    SeeThru SATIN for iPad - Black - iPad Cases - Speck Products

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