Space Crayons iPad App Enables Children to Create Kinetic Art

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    This looks like a really cool art app for kids, out just in time for the school holidays! It's called Space Crayons, and it's the creation of a Chicago company called Zidware, whose previous apps include ZooRound, Photo Van Go, My School and ABC Invaders. In Space Crayons, kids get to draw their way into a kinetic robot world of art.

    Space Crayons, which has been designed exclusively for the iPad, features fun energy-infused crayons that allow kids to create stunning interactive colouring pages and kinetic art that moves on the iPad screen simply and easily. The app's robot-themed "paper" sheets, coupled with the basic interface and play-along voice commands, mean that the app is perfectly pitched at pre-schoolers.

    Space Crayons is out now on the iPad App Store for $1.99/£1.19.

    Source: Zidware

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