South Korean Government is Investigating Apple for an Unnamed Reason

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    Apple is being investigated by the South Korean government, and we have no idea why. The report indicates that during a parliamentary hearing held today (June 28th, 2016), FTC Chairman Jeong Jae-chan refused to answer when a South Korean lawmaker asked him why the SK FTC was investigating Apple.

    Because so little info was given, the internet is ripe with speculation. One of the theories as to why the investigation is proceeding suggests that the SK FTC is focusing on the varied prices that Apple charges different carriers in South Korea for the iPhone. Apparently some of the deals they made with various carriers could have broken anti-trust laws in that country. Neither Apple, nor the South Korean government have responded to questions from various journalists at this time.

    We will keep you updated if any interesting developments are reported regarding this case.

    Source: Reuters
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