Sonic Jump Unveiled for iOS

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    SEGA has certainly done a mighty fine job of bringing your favourites to the iPhone and iPad, and it looks like it’s got another winner on the way with Sonic Jump, which is available now for iOS. Sonic Jump was developed by Hardlight, a new digital studio featuring former SEGA Tech Group members, and it represents the first ever Sonic game to be specifically developed for mobile platforms. The gameplay is very simple, and will be very familiar to fans of the likes of Doodle Jump, as you must tilt the screen to make Sonic jump his way around the levels, which include classic zones from the Sonic universe. And of course, he will be collecting those legendary golden rings as he goes along.

    In the game’s Story Mode, Sonic and friends must stop Dr. Eggman from causing his usual havoc, making their way through the levels to reach the ultimate showdown in a head-to-head boss battle. An infinite Arcade Mode is also included, so that you can compete against your friends to see how high Sonic can get. The level only ends when Sonic falls. The single-player challenges see Sonic bouncing as high and fast as possible, and collecting rings and earning power-ups so that you can reign supreme atop the leaderboards!

    Click here to download the game for $1.99/£1.49: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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