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    Hi to all this looks like a very informative forum which is why I chose to seek advise here,I am wanting to purchase ipad but not sure if I should go for 1st generation and get 64G wifi as its very reasonable here in UK or wait and buy the 16G iPad 2 for what I am told is about same price....I won't be depending on it out and about will mainly be used at home so should I buy 1st or second generation any advise appreciated.....
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    It all depends on what you specifically want. If you want cameras for video conferencing and movie recording, ipad2 is the way to go. Plus its thinner, faster, lighter thn BUT if u not pressed about those features, as ipad1 is a great device, get urself a 1st generation model. Its unbelievable how the prices dropped for brand new models of ipad1. Or even go the refurbished route n save even more $$$$ i saw a 32GB 3g version of ipad selling refurbished for around $500. Thats a steal. When i bought my ipad, 32gb wifi version back in july, it costed $600. Ipad1 is still great n im still finding more n more uses for it everyday. For me, it does all my computing needs. I havent hardly touched a desktop or laptop ever since. Thats how good it is to me.
    Since this will be your first time purchasing an ipad, you cant go wrong getting the ipad2. It has a base model, 16gb version, thats going to sell for $499. Same as the original ipad when it first came out. Id say there would be nothing wrong with treating yourself to the latest version. If u more concerned about the better deal being able to get more memory for less, go with first generation. Eitherway, any generation will surely make u pleased with decision u make. Let us know which one u end up getting.
    Check out the link below to apple store on great deals you can get with refurbished versioms. They work perfectly fine and still honors Apples 1 year warranty. U can also click on apple site to see brand new first generation models that are discounted along with the different pricing on Ipad2 models.
    Refurbished iPad - Apple Store (U.S.)
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