Some Teaser Details About Tomorrow’s iPad 2 Launch

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    Cult of Mac says that it has had a tip-off from an Apple insider about what we can expect at tomorrow’s iPad 2 launch. As far as the actual iPad 2 is concerned, it would seem as if the recent rumours that the iPad 2 is more of an upgrade, with iPad 3 being the real deal, could be right on the money, and that iPad 3 may even be coming by the end of the year. Here’s a direct quote from Cult of Mac’s Apple source:

    The rest of the details bear up what we already know about the iPad 2: front and rear-facing cameras, thinner and lighter, bigger speaker, but same screen resolution as before, faster chip and more RAM, and a Qualcomm dual-mode wireless chip for connecting to both GSM and CDMA data networks.

    Cult of Mac’s source also said that Apple plans to reveal details about the new cloud-based MobileMe tomorrow, which you will be able to use to store music, TV programmes, and films downloaded from the App Store. There’s also a possibility of being able to upload all your music, photos etc to the cloud, regardless of where it was purchased, but that’s not a definite as yet.

    Source: Apple Staffer: iPad 3 Is The One To “Make A Song & Dance bout†| Cult of Mac

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