Some Apple Stores Showcase art Created with Apple Hardware and Software

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    apple store art.jpg

    According to a fresh report coming from IFO Apple Store publication, several Apple Store displays have been selected to show off art created with Apple products. Thus, select Apple Store locations are now basically public galleries that showcase art created with Apple hardware and software, such as iPhones, iPads but also dedicated tools. Here are more details from the original report:

    So, as we can see, the art displays are part of Apple's new "Start Something New" campaign, which showcases he kind of "amazing things" that can be made with Apple's products. This is the first time when Apple has decided to include the retail component of the art galleries, since the company has held such campaigns exclusively online.

    As always, this is another smart move by Apple, which shows what its hardware and software and third-party apps can allow users to do. Putting together an iPad with an abstract painting is a great way to show what one could do with such a device. Apple said the following about the gallery:

    "Every piece in this gallery was created on an Apple product. Every brushstroke, every pixel, and every frame of film was brought to life by talented Apple users from around the world. As you explore their work, we hope it inspires you to create something new."

    Have a look at the threads from below to see more pictures.

    Source: IFOAppleStore


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jan 5, 2015.

    1. RaduTyrsina

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