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    I'm a little new here, but am very happy with my 'new' iPad 1 64GB. Does everything I need it to and even more. Very impressed with this device. however, I need some advice with accessories for my new supertoy.

    Firstly, when I bought it used, the previous owner had it in an Otterbox Defender case for most of its life. Seriously, this iPad looks like it's almost brand new. However, after using it for a while I found the Otterbox to be far too bulky and heavy for how I wanted to use my device. So, out it went. Are there any good cases for the original iPad still floating around out there? I'm also interested in a Bluetooth keyboard, but wouldn't mind the keyboard being removable in case I need to be more portable.

    Another problem I'm having is that of headphones. I can't stand the usual earbud style Apple provides; most earbuds really hurt my ears after an hour or so. I have a really nice set of Bose headphones that work great, but they don't have the really convenient remote functions like the iPhone earbuds do. The Bose headphones feature a removable cable, and I was wondering if there's a replacement headphone cable with the remote attached? It would make listening to music on this device so much easier.

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