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    Path is a social networking app that has gained tremendous popularity especially amongst family users who love to share photos of their families for all their friends to see. Now, Path is taking things to the next level and has just launched an adaptive iPad app.

    Overall the tablet version of the application is quite similar to the iOS and Android versions but does bring some extra tweaks for iPad users. Path has been created by former Apple and Facebook employee Dave Morin in 2010. The mobile app (there’s no desktop version of it) allows users to share their status, music and photos with friends and loved ones.

    The fact that Path can be viewed on landscape mode on the tablet offers an extra dimension to the user experience. Scrolling up and down through the news feed or through the friend list is now easier and quicker. The app will show you the most exciting events of the day, which are arranged in a grid pattern that constantly changes.

    “The landscape mode creates a whole new consumption experience. And our algorithm tries to re-create the most interesting moments from your day,†explained Dave Morin.

    To get an extended view of a post, users just have to tap on it. For example, if you tap on a song somebody just played, you will get to see how many people “Smiled†(the Path version of the Facebook like) at the activity, other albums the artist released and how many iTunes users have listened to the user.

    Indeed, the app offers a wonderful interactive experience and you should definitely give it a try.

    By Radu

    Source - Path Finally Releases Its Long-Awaited iPad App

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