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Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by Lakerfanalways, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Hi everyone. New here to the board. I really like this site so I am glad that I found it. I am having issues with snes4iphone for my Ipad. I downloaded the snes4iphone app for my Ipad and I also downloaded Super Mario Bros World for it but when I try using it, its incredibly slow, or doesn't even load at all..I put it in landscape mode and I hear the sound of the game but I press every button to make it work and it does not so I just deleted it..does snes4iphone not work with the Ipad because I have seen Youtube videos of it working but it doesnt seem to work for m. So I dont know what I am doing wrong. Someone else told me about the SNES HD program, do I need that or will snes4iphone work? Do I need the wii mote to make the snes4 app work because I prefer just using the buttons on the snes app itself instead of the wii mote

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