Smartkids Vietnamese English HD dictionary for iPad

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    Smartkids Vietnamese English HD for iPad


    BUY ($2.99)

    VietDorje is very pleased to introduce to you all about the release of Smartkids Vietnamese English HD on 30 August 2010.


    SmartKids Vietnamese English HD is a dictionary of lively images, voices and sounds. It's carefully designed to help children learn vocabulary bilingual Vietnamese - English.

    Having SmartKids on hand, parents can be confident about their children's vocabulary. Learning by playing, it's attractive & easy for your baby!

    With nearly 500 words, categorized in 15 fields, your baby will delight in exploring the world around them.

    Not only for kids, if you are learner of English or Vietnamese, you'll also be enjoyed with SmartKids!






    ► Learning Vietnamese & English vocabulary (nearly 500 words, 15 fields):

    • Alphabet, The numbers, Colors, Fruits, Vegetables,
    • Appliances, Clothes, The School, Gardens & yard, Animals,
    • The Kitchen, Sports, Tools, Transportation, Music instruments
    ► Taking vocabulary tests (Vietnamese & English).

    • Note:
    No Internet connection required.

    * Phiên bản khác:

    Vietdorje Support Team


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