Skype Updated With HD Video Calling for Fourth Gen iPad and iPhone 5

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    Some welcome news here for iPad and iPhone 5 owners, with Engadget reporting that the Skype iOS app has just been updated with HD (720p) video calling. This is only applicable if you have the fourth-gen iPad or iPhone 5, of course, as only the latest version of those two iOS devices have Retina displays that can take advantage of HD video calls. Also included in the update are what iTunes refers to as “General improvements to call quality and stability†as well as the ever popular bug fixes, and a redesigned country code picker on the dial pad. The Skype Blog has posted some further information about the update, saying that it also introduces stability improvements for iOS 7 beta users who have been reporting stability issues with the app.

    Click here to download the free app for iPad:

    Click here to download the free app for iPhone:

    Source: Skype update brings HD video calls to fourth-generation iPads (update: and the iPhone 5)
    Skype for iPhone and iPad, Version 4.10 ? - Skype Blogs
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