Skyfire Launches HotSwap to Make Sharing Your iPad With Family and Friends Painless

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    New multi-user browser saves individual preferences for group settings

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – (March 15, 2012) –Tired of sharing your iPad and finding your Facebook, twitter, Gmail, and other accounts logged out? Today Skyfire, creator of the blockbuster mobile browser with over 13 million downloadsto date, is introducing a solution that will ease your tablet sharing pain. Skyfire HotSwap is a new breed of mobile browserthat allowsforup to four users to save and preset their browsing preferences for seamless profile swapping across the full web. Skyfire’s mobile browser – the Apple App Store’s#1 paid iPad Utility of 2011 – is now also the iPad’s most family-friendly web browser.

    Skyfire HotSwap is integrated into Skyfire’s award-winning mobile browser for the iPad and aims to solve one of the biggest drawbacks of a family device like the iPad: a lack of user accounts to facilitate sharing between friends and family. Skyfire HotSwap allows each person to set up a separate account within the mobile browser, eliminating the tedious log out, log in and set-up process for each of your favorite sites every time the iPad changes hands.

    With HotSwap, family and friends can share an iPad and swap to their own personal profile,with easy access to browsing preferences and social settings for up to four separate users. Bookmarks, history, open tabs, social network logins like Facebook and Twitter, email accounts like Gmail, Amazon accounts, and settings reappear just as they left them. Simply leave the iPad on the coffee table for the next user to swap to their personal profile.

    “Our goal at Skyfire has always been to create great user experiences via mobile cloud solutions, both through our consumer browsing apps, or through our carrier-grade data optimization offerings,†said Skyfire CEO Jeffrey Glueck. “HotSwap continues this tradition. From the office to the coffee table, tablets have quickly evolved into a shared family device. With HotSwap, up to four users can create customized profiles to access their favorite content with ease. The family iPad just got personal again.

    Skyfire’sweb browser with HotSwap is now available for download in the iTunes App Store. The update is free for all preexisting Skyfire for iPad users. Download Skyfire for iPad from the Apple App Store today:


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