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    Sketch Nation Shooter for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    For $0.99 you are actually buying thousands of games. You can also see your friends’ scores and share your favorite games with them.

    800 Games and Counting!

    Sketch Nation Shooter: Over 800 iPhone Games (and Growing!) for Only $.99

    Imaginative shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch lets players create their own games – over 800 available after only two weeks.

    April 22, 2010 - MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Engineous Games today announced that its debut iPhone game, Sketch Nation Shooter – which allows users to create their own games using only their imaginations and drawing skills – has already produced over 800 user-created games after only two weeks on the App Store. Available for only $.99, Sketch Nation Shooter is an endless treasure trove of inspired and inventive games, all created by the growing community of artists and aspiring game designers.

    A new YouTube trailer shows off some of the best user-created games from Sketch Nation Shooter's first two weeks of life: [ame=""]YouTube - Sketch Nation Shooter - User Generated Games[/ame]​

    It also crashes more often than I'd like, which can be a pain after spending a lot of effort in getting a nice picture.

    I'm hopeful for updates, but still satisfied with the current product.
    Super addictive

    by Groo1887 I haven't drawn like this since I was a kid. I've already spent hours making my own game. I love it!

    Get it :):):):):)

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    I'd like to see how it is on the iPad instead of an iPod

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