Siri Can Now Act as a Pokedex and Find 649 Pokemon

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    Recently, a lot of us have been well addicted to the brand new Pokemon X and Y games released for Nintendo 3DS. And while us older farts are getting a blast from the past, everyone using an iOS device now has a handy Pokedex in their pockets. The Siri-attached Wolfram Alpha now has a built in Pokedex hidden feature.

    Simply fire up Siri and ask it to search for a certain Pokemon by saying "Search Wolfram for [Pokemon name here]". Once found, you will be able to gain information such as the Pokemon's number, color, generation, icon, height, weight, species and many other things. Since this is an update to Wolfram Alpha on the server side, it should be available on all devices and firmwares capable of using Siri.
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