Shorter Battery Life?

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by ssilver10, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Hey guys!

    Just a little concern... A while ago I had exchanged my first iPad 2 for my current iPad 2 because of it always freezing. But now I encounter another problem... My new iPad does not freeze all the time like my other one, but it seems as if the battery life is significantly shorter than my old one. You may be thinking I just kill it but no - on my old iPad I was able to surf on Safari for about a half hour and the battery would go from 100% to 95%. But on my new one after a half hour of surfing on Safari the battery goes from 100% to 85%. I run on WiFi only. And I do everything I could to preserve the battery like having it fully die out and complete a cycle until recharging it, my brightness is relativity low, and I don't play many A5 optimized games like Infinity Blade.

    So now tell me.... Should I go on up to the Apple Store and complain and hope to get a new one, or what else should I do?

    Thanks for all the help I get!

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    Actually letting it run till dead all the time is not good for Lithium Ion batteries. About once a month you should let it run dead, then charge it to 100%. This is only to keep the battery percentage software accurate. Otherwise Lithium Ion batteries actually do batter with shallow charge cycles, though the difference is not so significant that you need to worry about it. Just plug it in whenever it is convenient.

    As for the battery life, well there are a few things that might affect it. Make sure you aren't running music or location services in the background. You can tell if this is happening by the small icons next to the battery percentage indicator. Music shows a play button style triangle. Location service has a more arrow head sort of triangle.

    Make sure you don't have your brightness turned up higher than necessary. This is also a big drain. I find putting the slider about 1/3 up with auto on works well indoors.

    If Bluetooth is on, and you are not using it, turn it off. That's another unnecessary drain.

    Try those, and see if you get your battery life back.

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