Shattered my screen.. Is it possible to remove?

Discussion in 'iPad DIY' started by Sagehillspilot, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Mar 22, 2014
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    I was at the dentist and some guy was angry with them, and as he walked out I walked out behind him and he slammed the door in my face. I was holding my ipad and I dropped it because it scared me.

    Face first it went and shattered the bottom left corner. The aluminum isn't bent and it works.. I'm typing in it now.

    I ordered a new digitizer.. 25 dollar part. After research I was told to buy a wifi antenna, a power ribbon cable, a dock connector, and a New LCD because taking the digitizer out ruins these parts. About 190 dollars in stuff.

    I'm familiar with the location of these parts, but I've been told the adhesive just ruins them no matter how careful you are.
    I have a high powered heat gun and my strategy is to just peel the antenna up with a credit card and when I get to the ribbon cables just heat up the area and pull up slowly on the glass so I don't cut them.

    The glass isn't shattered on the danger areas.

    Any suggestions?? I can't afford another Ipad.. And I need it for school

    By the way I'm very experienced in electronics and computers.. So I'm not a complete noob
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    Oh my! Having to go to the dentist and there having your iPad also given lots of pain, would be my definition of Not Having A Good Day
    So that you may stand a better chance of a response from members more specifically interested in that kind of problem (both reading and helping), and others of course who can read your post, I'll move your thread to the iPad DIY sub-forum.
    Best of luck with your issue.
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    Hi and welcome to the Forum!

    Gosh, going to the dentist is bad enough without having this happen to you too!

    Now you haven't said which iPad you have but I have heard that the assembly of an iPad has changed over the years, so you will need to find a guide to suit which model you have.

    I've also heard that lots of things can go wrong, so have a think before you start. Your iPad may be working now but there may have been other damage caused by your drop that you're not aware of as yet, Other problems I've heard of after a screen replacement are - home button not working, on/off button not working, charging port, and wifi and/or cellular also being damaged.

    Now, if you go to Apple, they may offer you a replacement at a cost, which from what everyone is saying is usually half the price of your iPad.

    So it's best to weigh up all the factors here before you begin.....$190 is still a considerable outlay and if a replacement could be had for not too much more, it's worth thinking about first.

    If you do elect to go ahead with replacing the screen yourself, have a look at this site, they show tear downs of a few iPads, I hope yours is there.

    But let us know what you do decide to do and your outcome!

    The best of luck to you!!

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