Setting Mail Preferences/Accounts for use with Penultimate

Discussion in 'Official App Forum' started by MikeeW, May 1, 2012.

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    I have an iPad2 and have three mail accounts set up....Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. All work OK.

    I noticed I was getting mail twice from hotmail, so I deleted one of the accounts. Not sure how it got that way as each was a bit different in the settings. I managed to end the duplicate emails when I deleted one of the accounts.

    However, I just started using Penultimate and ran into an odd situation. If I want to send a page from a notebook, I can send it, but only by using the "CC" line.

    That is, I can't get the"TO" line to activate the keyboard and enter an address. The page gets sent, so it is a minor problem.

    I wrote to Penultimate and they suggested to delete and re-install my hotmail account, which I did. No difference.

    I noted there is no way to set mail preferences in Penultimate. Seems like I'm between a rock and a hard lace.

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