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    I bought an ipad from my friend which is jailbroken on ios 6. I want to add my own apps to it but when I connect the ipad to itunes to do so, my options are "Set up as new ipad" o "Restore from backup." I do not want to lose the jailbreak. If I choose "Set up as new ipad" will that then install ios 7 and update the ipad, causing me to lose the jailbreak?

    How can I get around these options to keep the jailbreak and also connect the ipad to itunes?

    Also should I install iLex Rat from Cydia immediately just in case something goes wrong?
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    AFAIK, selecting "set up as a new iPad" will not change the iOS version on that iPad. You are just telling iTunes that you have a new [to it] iPad that you want to set up. Just be careful and make sure iTunes doesn't throw in a popup box suggesting you upgrade. It might, cause iTunes HATES when you have outdated iOS versions. ;) Just read the prompts before clicking the button to dismiss them.

    And yes, I would install iLex R.A.T. as soon as you finish with iTunes. Hopefully, you'll never need it, but it will be good to know its there in case you do.

    Hope this clarifies.


    P.S. And, since you talk about a jail broken iPad, I've taken the liberty of moving your post over to the Hacking section. Thanks for your understanding.

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