Sending Pix To And From iPad3 ?

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    Still trying to figure some (actually a lot of) of this out.
    New iPad3 user, and Windows 7 PC.

    Hate to appear dumber than I am, but I guess admitting so, and asking, is still the only way to learn.

    Have looked on Apple's sites, and the documentation,
    but am still confused over sending pictures, To and From, the iPad3.

    I understand that there are various File type of APPS available to do some of this, but how would
    I most easily do the following with just what Apple has provided ?

    a. I take a picture with the iPad.

    I understand that it is automatically sent to the iCloud
    Where on my PC would I look for it, so I could move it off of the Cloud into a regular PC Folder ?

    Photostream really has me confused also.
    Is the pix also sent via "PhotoStream" to my PC ? If so, automatically, or do I have to tell it to do so ?
    If so, where on the PC ?

    The same question for Homeshare:
    Is it sent via "Homeshare" to my PC ? If so, automatically, or do I have to tell it to do so ?
    If so, where on the PC ?

    b. Now I select a picture in a Folder on my PC to send to the iPad.
    How do I do this most easily ?
    Where on the iPad should I look ?

    Again, thanks for all the help,
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    Pictures taken with your iPad are not automatically sent to the cloud, they are if you are using photo stream I believe, and are backed up to the cloud by regularly scheduled backups if your camera roll is included in your iCloud backup policy.

    When you take a pic with your iPad the image is saved to your camera roll folder under photos. You can access the folder with the camera active by selecting the icon or you can access it at any time by selecting photos then camera roll on your iPad.

    Photostream if I am not mistaken (just poking around Photostream myself) only replicates to other Apple devices running the same Apple ID so a windows based PC would not be able to receive pics taken by you iPad via Photostream.

    In Windows when you plug in your iPad, it opens a dialog box that asks you what you want to do with the device you just plugged in. One of the options is "Import Photos and Videos". Just click on it and it will import all of them to your computer.

    Homesharing uses the iTunes library on the PC side and the native folders on the iPad side whether it be music, pics, or video. Homesharing does not perform replication it simply makes the media available to other devices to stream. You can copy the media but it isn't replicated automatically.

    This should not be confused with sharing your library on a local network within iTunes on your PC as this allows streaming only, no copying, and does not require home sharing be turned on.

    Edit to correct how to move pics from iPad to pc.
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